Who is damien wayans dating

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Who is damien wayans dating

The kids complain that Michael is being too strict since Jay left, so they call for a family meeting where they all discuss the way they think the family should be, with no repercussions. thinks having a rapper for a dad would be cool, Claire thinks the perfect dad should be the manager of the country's #1 boy band, and Kady thinks Michael should be a big blue dragon (much like TV's Barney).

Michael is chosen to lead a little girl's Indian tribe.Michael's accountant dies suddenly, making him take a whole new perspective about his life.He buys a wig (or a hairpiece as he likes to call it) and starts to demonstrate his love for his family in a weird way.Michael decides to teach the kids how to handle money due to their inability of spending their allowance money wisely.He proposes that each kid comes up with their own business, and at the end of the week he'll double whatever profit they make.

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He trains them to fetch him things and names a girl "Fetchmebeer".